Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Less from Moore: A Love Affair with Misunderstanding

In the video link here, Moore concedes that what we have, and where the problems derive, is not a true capitalist social system. However, after his rather brief concession, Moore follows up with the typical line of envy and supposed injustices. These rally cries serve as a prelude to the actual content of his film.

Moreover, Moore maintains a completely (in my opinion) inaccurate understanding for true capitalism. In a capitalist system, via consumer sovereignty, market actors do vote with their dollars. So why the clamor for making "capitalism" more "democratic"? Rather, what he and America should be calling for is allowing capitalism to work freely from government interventionism.

The overall premise echoed again and again by capitalist turncoats such as Moore is merely envy and implications to create an environment of "equality of outcome" over "equality of opportunity" - more socialism. In the end Moore regurgitates FDR's call for a bill of rights for 'free stuff.

Shame on Moore for misrepresenting the facts. Maybe if we actually implemented unhampered free-market capitalism all the ills of Mr. Moore's film would become miseries of the past.

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